lurm is an artist and musician based in bellingham, wa. lurm’s visual art consists of drawings, paintings, and mixed media works. she composes music largely for voice, piano, strings, synthesizers, and percussion—and performs on synthesizers, piano, drums, and vocals.

lurm’s work explores themes of evolutionary biology and consciousness.


artist/composer lurm (born laura converse) was born the second of five children into a conservative family in rural washington state.

lurm started playing piano at age 5, and soon became immersed in the world of competitive classical performance. as a child, she was drawn to music composition and improvisation.

at age 7, she used a fisher price tape recorder to make her own piano ep (with commentary). by age 13, a local choir had performed two of her pieces—ssa + piano—with lurm as accompanist.

during high school years she saved up to learn as many instruments as she could, either buying or renting a drum kit, a guitar, a violin, a trumpet, and more. she took as many lessons as she could barter or pay for.

she became a musical entertainer in the tourist scene in leavenworth, wa, usually performing at tourist attractions and local weddings, venues, and church services.

at age 17, lurm earned the paderewski gold medal for piano performance, and collaborated on the live-performed music and film project midst of an epok. She won the 2007 mtna piano performance competition for washington state at age 18.

after a year in rural lancashire, uk, she went on to study music composition at western washington university.

it wasn’t until april 2016 that lurm released her first album, the marks it makes—a minimalist and melancholy solo piano album. a year later, she released a darker, denser, more complex electro-experimental album, copenhagenism.

in october 2017, lurm expanded to a more lyrically rich, texturally diverse sound with the release of mutagenesis.

lurm composes, records, and produces music from her studio in bellingham, washington. she also creates multimedia art works as a way of exploring the ideas that she builds her music on.

live every wednesday

i perform music and share thoughts over live stream every wednesday at 7:00am. check out past shows and come hang out with me on the internet.