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you are witnessing the beginning of a strange experiment. i call it “art breeding.”

here’s how it works so far.

1. i select two “parent” art pieces.

i’ll choose these parents from my collection of artworks based on whether they have attributes i think will combine well together.

these are the two parents i chose to create the anonymous blue family: my very first family in the experiment.

I’m documenting the process in video-journal format. Here’s a quick video of me explaining the parent selection and the start of the project.

2. i shred the parents and mix up the pieces.

yes, this means i completely destroy two original art pieces in hopes that i’ll be able to make something better out of them. the way i destroy them will be planned beforehand. every once in a while, i’ll choose a new method which will represent a new generation.

this first family is part of what i’m creatively naming “the hexagon generation.”

here’s my documentation on destroying the parent pieces in preparation to create the child pieces. spoiler alert: it also includes what happens in step three …

3. i reassemble two entirely new pieces.

in this case, the two new pieces ended up looking strangely life-like, but not human-like … and very much like siblings.

in the future i anticipate not only exploring more art breeding in the hexagon generation, but eventually creating new generations and breeding art across families. it might get pretty complicated. you can keep tabs on the rules of this universe here as i continue to build and revise them.

this youtube channel is dedicated specifically to this project. subscribe to see me talk more about my art breeding experiments as i take this further.

stay interesting,

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