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art breeding

an experimental art project where parent pieces are destroyed and reassembled into child pieces

organic form drawings

tiny colored pencil drawings of naturally-emerging shapes

things i do not understand

surreal graphite drawings inspired by the proverbs of agur, “the compiler.”

the vein patterns of leaves

nine botanical drawings based on common vein formations in leaves


the blog is my biggest, most comprehensive art project. here are some of the most recent bits of it (but you can also start exploring anywhere with a random post)

the shadow of lightning cat

yeah, sure, whatever. you can associate me with some kind of magical sign. but rules are rules: i get to define what the sign is. i won’t be as basic as the black cat was about his sign. there are more entertaining ways to make you uncomfortable. (hey, i’m a cat. what...


he wraps cold coils around your shoulders, believing they’ll hold you safely in place while he unravels his organs to wrap and warm your shivering bonesthough they’re not shivering with cold, as they seem let alone any cold that could be warmed by the cruel unraveling...