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a safe house

a safe house (drawing by lurm)

it’s supposed to be safe here

if you leave
it won’t be the same when you come back

if you stay
no one will remember your name

if you leave
you’ll be running back soon

if you stay
you’ll run away soon enough

it’s supposed to be safe here
but you shouldn’t believe it.


hello? (drawing by lurm)






this drawing was created as a companion visual to the first track in my album, send or receive.

don’t touch anything

don't touch anything (drawing by lurm)
we’re making a big mistake.
treating our insides like nothing more than loose change,
mindlessly pulling our guts out through our pockets
and exchanging them for empty statements
about who we think they want us to be instead—

you know what i mean. that’s what you came here to do.

save identity

save identity (drawing by lurm)

yes; no.

have you ever left without one
or are you afraid you’ll be trapped here forever
unless you choose?

i left without one once.
i thought i did, anyway.

but now that i consider it,
it’s possible my body’s still back there.

that would actually explain a lot.

can we please go home?

can we please go home (drawing by lurm)

the train comes
so run

the noises zigzag across your forehead
hit it, make it stop
catch the train

it’s closer now

the noise gets

it comes, so
get away

but that’s impossible, you can’t run
from your own

they stomp your
feet onto the sharp rocks
and ow
i see my bones but i’m still

yes, you have a choice
it’s this:

hurt me, or

i don’t care about the fog
i have laser vision, you should get some

i know there is a
beached sperm whale with four
of its teeth ripped out
right behind you
but don’t worry
it’s dead.

there are other things to make us

but i’m so tired

will someone let me
go home?


altitude drawing by lurmyou aspire to greatness—i won’t tell you no

tilt your chin just a little more. that helps you stay above it all

just a little more …
but now it’s too high

and now you’re so much less than you want to be
you’re even farther above it all

but so am i and so are all these other nobodies

strapped in rows [please remain seated]

like the animals we don’t want to believe we are
and here, above it all, you lose sight of yourself

too caught up in your attempts to breathe
a slave to your physical limitations

a hostage to your fears

a prisoner of your weaknesses
just like me and all these nobodies

but on the ground, we’re above them all.

aren’t we, friend?

it’s your call

it's your call (drawing by lurm)

at least half is in how it’s taken.

who touches it, and where

one must remember that motives matter,
[hunger for meaning or unused time]
and so does the life that preceded the glance
[broken from labor or lost at home]
whether clutching shredded bits into the gut like tentacles of an anemone
or reassembling the whole under a microscope
or shredding with an aimless scalpel

i have no part in any

and all happens as it will.

lullaby for the blind

lullaby for the blind (drawing by lurm)

speak only thoughts of safety
act only out of fear
let’s close our eyes together
and pretend that we’re not here

in the words “but now i see” we find
an anthem of war for the open-eyed
but just a lullaby for the blind


lurm drawing air

breathe in

everything you dreamed of

breathe out

anything you can’t quite visualize

breathe in

everything you wanted

breathe out

anything you can’t hold onto forever

breathe in

everything you deserve

breathe out

those things that are too good for you

breathe in

everything you need to survive

breathe out

what you took—it was more than your fair share


this is one of my organic form drawings.

mind fern

mind fern (drawing by lurm)


like branches at the ends of branches at the ends of branches

shrivel and shake

and release their spores into the farthest corners.
sprouting unbidden,

they wake you up.
do you remember your name?