Broken Cords Family

the broken cords family was completed on april 18, 2018. it’s the fourth family in the ongoing art breeding experiment, in which i choose two parent art pieces, destroy them and mix together their fragments, and rebuild them as new child pieces.

the broken cords family is a first-generation set. this means the child pieces are reconstructed from parents that have never been previously bred. you can learn more about the terminology of this project in my glossary of art breeding terms.

the parent drawings

i selected these two drawings as the parents because of their similar style, subject, and medium. i wanted to see if the jagged line style and white space were enough commonality to allow their fragments to seamlessly blend, even though they don’t use the same colors.

from left to right their names are built to break and cords of death.

when i breed a set of art pieces, i create a name for the family based on two things:

  1. some reference to both of the parent names
  2. the vibe i get from how the child pieces turned out

this way i preserve some of the history in the name itself.

i chopped these drawings into about 600 hexagon fragments, mixed them together, and reassembled them into the child pieces you’re about to see.

the child drawings

in this family, i introduced a new variation: because of the sheer quantity of fragments involved, i was able to create four child pieces from the two original drawings. each one is 18″ tall and 12″ wide.

the other art breeding experiments up until this one each had three or fewer offspring:

  1. the anonymous blue family (two child pieces)
  2. the jagged somewhere family (two child pieces)
  3. the silent way family (three child pieces)