Jagged Somewhere Family

the jagged somewhere family was created on april 1, 2018. it’s the second family in my ongoing art breeding experiment, in which i choose two parent art pieces, destroy them and mix together their fragments, and rebuild them as two new child pieces.

the jagged somewhere family is part of the hexagon generation—a generation defined by the shape of the fragments.

the parent pieces

these are the two parent pieces i selected:

i created the first drawing, called jagged teeth, in 2010, and the second drawing, called from somewhere, in 2011. like typically happens in human families, the children inherit some variation on their parents’ names. though unlike in most human families, in my universe the names of both parents influence the childrens’ names.

hence, the jagged somewhere family.

the child pieces

over time, family names will potentially develop complex etymologies. but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

here are the child drawings:

about the creation of this family

you can follow the process of selecting and breeding these four art pieces in this video.

if you’d like to see more, this youtube channel is dedicated to my art breeding project.