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i’ve been on a plant kick lately. must be because i’m so ready for spring; it’s been a long winter here in bellingham.

for one, my neighborhood brewery (stones throw) took interest in an art series of mine, the vein patterns of leaves. here are a few drawings from the series:

You can check the whole thing out here.

i spent a good half-hour talking with their staff about how fun it is to hold leaves up to the sun to see what’s going on in there. either because of or despite this, i’ll have a show in their taproom this fall.

speaking of holding leaves up to the sun …

swamp plants

i took a short trip to new orleans last week and got to check out barataria preserve—part of jean lafitte national park. yes, there are plants there. and yes, i held some of them up to the sun.

because unlike bellingham this time of year, they had sunlight there, too.

lurm plant selection

me selecting a plant to hold up to the sun

i haven’t gotten around to id’ing them all yet, but the photos are still fun to look at, and will probably become fuel for future art series at some point. (click the photos to enlarge)

ok, just a little more about plants

one of my favorite podcasts, radiolab, recently released an episode about experiments that are leading scientists to wonder if plants might be intelligent … or maybe even sentient. if you’re even a tiny bit curious about that, it’s well worth a listen.

also, i just learned about the largest known living organism—spread across 106 acres, weighing 6,600 tons, and potentially 80,000 years old. it’s called pando, a male quaking aspen clonal colony.

if you know some interesting plant facts, you have found yourself in a place where those can get some appreciation. tell me your cool facts in the comments.

i’ll update you about stuff that isn’t plants later.

stay interesting,

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