The Silent Way Family

the silent way family was completed on april 7, 2018. it’s the third family in my ongoing art breeding experiment, in which i choose two parent art pieces, destroy them and mix together their fragments, and rebuild them as new child pieces.

in this family, i introduced a new variation: in experiments one and two, each combination of parent drawings has yielded two child drawings. in this one, the two combined to create three new ones. in other words, the first set of triplets was born. and even though the parents were both destroyed, the total population of pieces has increased by one.

the silent way family is part of the hexagon generation—a generation defined by the shape of the fragments.

the parent pieces

these are the two parent pieces i selected:

both of these drawings were created in early 2011. the papers are identical—they come from the same pad of paper. in terms of medium, they are identical. the parent drawings’ titles are the way down and another one silenced, respectively.

like typically happens in human families, the children inherit some variation on their parents’ names. (though unlike in most human families, in my universe the names of both parents influence the children’s names.)

the name combination came out to the silent way family.

the child pieces

here are the three child drawings:

about the creation of this family

you can follow the process of the selection and breeding of these five art pieces in this video.

if you’d like to see more, this youtube channel is dedicated to my art breeding project.