The Vein Patterns of Leaves

i made this series of charcoal and chalk drawings to indulge a habit of picking leaves and holding them up to the sun. and sometimes ripping them up for no reason. but we don’t need to talk about that.

turns out, there’s a lot of variety in their patterns. i chose nine common ones to create the series:

  1. arcuate venation: a pattern where veins arc out toward the edges from a central vein, called the midrib
  2. dichotomous venation: where similarly-sized veins branch into pairs regularly until they hit the edge
  3. longitudinal venation: where the veins run lengthwise along the leaf, sometimes connecting to each other
  4. palmate venation: where the leaf veins branch out like fingers from the palm of a hand
  5. parallel venation: a pattern where the veins run parallel to each other (technically a type of longitudinal venation)
  6. pinnate venation: where the veins extend at angles from a midrib vein kind of like the feather of a bird
  7. reticulated venation: the web-like vein pattern that shows up in many different types of leaves
  8. rotate venation: a cool looking pattern where veins extend from a central point like spokes on a wheel
  9. transverse venation: a vein pattern where small veins connect larger veins that don’t intersect

enough explaining. here are all nine drawings.

Vein patterns gallery

a few more facts about these drawings:

  • they’re pretty big. each one is two feet tall.
  • one was used in an album cover. the cover for copenhagenism features the drawing for dichotomous venation.
  • i created a design for each one. when deciding on my album cover, i designed a version with each vein pattern. you can see them all here.


Design Gallery