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Lurm is the brainchild of me, Adrien Converse. It’s the name I put on the creations I pull from my deepest, weirdest, hardest-to-make-sense-of intellectual wanderings. Ideas for what I make come to me in dreams, or while I’m floating in sensory deprivation tanks, or when I’m wandering around in the woods, or when I’m standing on my porch in the rain. They feel important even though I don’t know why.

I turn them into surreal art (usually paired with riddle-like poems) and music albums

Almost every week I extend my explorations to others in my youtube livestream, where I live-compose 20–40 minutes of music inspired by a secret or a story or a riddle or a thought fragment that someone shares with me. 




take a stand

take a stand (drawing by lurm)

just look at what i’ve suffered
in the name of getting you to see how good i am.

not only am i all about doing what’s right;
doing what’s right is all about me.

see, not just anyone can take a stand.



freedom calls out, but we didn’t hear
we gave our loyalties to fear

abundance flows, but we didn’t taste
it’s sinful, hedonistic waste

joy wells up, but we didn’t see
if you get some, there’s none for me

truth expands, but we didn’t know
for the rich man says it isn’t so

love ignites, but we didn’t feel
only worthless people need to heal.

lower level

lower level painting by lurm

never “hello,” or  “mind if i come in?”
you barge in confidently
taking not just the best seat, but the best two
one for your body, the other for your muddy feet
placing drink orders like we exist to serve you
demanding to maintain a level of comfort no one else here has ever even wished for
chastising us for not meeting your desires by default
berating us because you don’t understand what we’re saying

but this is our house, and you weren’t invited
we were just talking about how to stop you 
from doing this exact thing.

time to get out

the place that I’m standing is the place from which i see
i see you standing there, but i don’t think you see me
you’re looking at a different person in the place that they would be

and the place you think I’m standing is the place from which I’d see
if I saw from there you figure what my view of you would be
and it gives you clues about the things to say to me

and the place that you’re standing is the place from which you see

you see me standing there, but you don’t think i see you
i’m looking at a different person and you don’t know who
because according to this angle nothing that i say is true

it’s time 
to get out 
of this place.

sweet to some

it’s sweet until it eats your skin
erodes your bones til paper thin
and drops your carcass in the sea—

it’s sweet to some, but not to me.