i am lurm. there’s not much you need to know about me outside of this: whenever i come across something that i don’t understand about my existence, i start thinking about it. the harder i think about it, the more art comes out. all my art is a 100% naturally occurring byproduct of thinking about things that are hard to understand. it’s homegrown. cage free. no gmo’s (that i am aware of).

it comes in many flavors. there’s the various collections and series of visual art, which i often display at my gallery and other venues in downtown bellingham. there’s my experimental music, which currently consists of three albums and a whole bunch of improvised performances. and then there’s my favorite, the riddle and art network, which i’ve been cultivating for years into a strange little abstract jungle.

speaking of, if you like thinking about things you don’t understand and aren’t into guided tours, you might want to just start exploring that.