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the only question is, what can you grab onto now?

this isn’t where i wanted to go.

i didn’t walk here.
i just couldn’t hold on
when i was slathered in the same slime that covers everything out here

and then yanked by the hair down a slide by my guardian devil
all the way to the bottom
to bathe in a thick stream of that slime that slowly snakes its way to the deepest darkest part of this whole world

guarded so closely that every time i tried to get out,
i was pushed in deeper,
until i couldn’t touch the bottom,
and began to sink.

and while i nearly drowned beneath the surface
my guardian devil lost sight of me,
and went ahead without me.

today i woke up in the dark on slimy rocks.
it’s a long way back to the beginning.

this isn’t where i wanted to go.