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big news (lol not really): i did a new experiment.

alcohol inks are quick-drying dyes that stick to non-porous surfaces. i’d been meaning to try them out for a while, and picked up my first set last week. here are a few photos of my initial tests on a glossy type of paper called yupo.

i propped my phone up and filmed myself performing one of these tests. you’ll notice that the ink spreads pretty dramatically. that’s partially because the paper is so smooth, and partially because alcohol has a low density compared to water or paint.

art inspires art

ever since my photos started taking off on the free stock platform unsplash, i pretty regularly have the privilege of seeing other artists turn them into new art. this is cool for me, since i consider one of the main purposes of art to be inspiring the creation of other interesting things.

this week designer joe cavazos made a collage-type piece that uses two of my photos, and multimedia artist mrinal naithani used one of them in a promotional image for a song.

creation vs discovery: burning ship

thanks to paul bourke, i learned about a new interesting thing: the burning ship fractal.

i dig fractals—partly because i think we’re probably inside one {and, by extension, i think one is inside us [wow, going all in on the nested parentheticals; i promise i’ll stop soon (but only after one more level, so i can use the fancy brackets.).].}.


image source: paul bourke

because fractals are mathematical phenomena, you don’t say that someone “created” a fractal—you say they “discovered” it. the numbers that comprise it already existed before a human being put it together.

i wonder why we don’t talk that way about art or music. in those terms, it really wouldn’t be a stretch to say i discover melodies; all the frequencies that make it up already existed before i put them together.

what do you think—where’s the line between creation and discovery? (if you ask me, they’re both pretty badass.) hit me up in the comments.

stay interesting,

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