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a cool thing happened since we last talked.

you can now find me on spotify, itunes, amazon mp3, and all the places you could find my music before. just now as lurm.

i’ve successfully re-released copenhagenism under my new name, and mutagenesis is next.

i have to rebuild my spotify following from scratch, so if you give me a follow here, it will give me a boost as i get started.


i spent around seven hours on planes in the last week, and for at least six of them all i did was draw hexagons. probably more than 300 hexagons. here are a few of them.

even after all this i still find them tricky to draw.

i’m not sure why hexagons grabbed my interest. maybe it’s because i recently read the borges short story the library of babel.*

rocks and the desert

in between plane rides i scrambled around some canyons and cliffs in arizona with a heavy camera and not enough water.

here i am at the top of doe mountain near sedona in coconino national park (left) and at the edge of the south rim of the grand canyon at shoshone point (right).

when i’m in a new place i like to collect macro shots of textures. they’re good fuel for my creative process. here are six that i found.

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what feeds your creativity? i might want to try it out. let me know in the comments.

stay interesting,

*a story about a universe occupied by infinite hexagonal rooms, written by a man who regularly uses footnotes in his self-referential stories.

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