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You have somehow found yourself visiting the online labyrinth of creations made by Lurm. A welcome is in order. What brings you here? Come in. Look around. Maybe even get a little lost. It’s OK; you’ll probably find your way back.


Lurm is an invented being. A being that doesn’t need to act the way a human in human society is required to act, and can therefore be immersed in the exploration and expression of highly abstract thought.

That’s a more elaborate way of saying Lurm is my artist pseudonym. (My real name is Adrien Converse.)

As Lurm, I’ve created a lot of surreal visual artI usually share it piece by piece in the form of a network of visual riddles, also known as the blog. This blog is designed to stimulate deep, meditative self-exploration. 

The albums I’ve composed and produced as Lurm are largely compositional alt-rock, which I’ve released independently under my own label. I write and perform mainly on synthesizers, piano, drums, and vocals.

I also improvise music every week in my youtube livestream, where I live-compose 20–40 minutes of music, typically inspired by a poem from a creative co-conspirator. Much like the blog, this live stream is designed to stimulate deep contemplation.





he wraps cold coils around your shoulders, believing they’ll hold you safely in place

adjust to the light

adjust to the light

what functions have been sourced beyond you
buried under misplaced trust?