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Lurm is the brainchild of me, Adrien Converse. It’s the name I put on the creations I pull from my deepest, weirdest, hardest-to-make-sense-of intellectual wanderings. Ideas for what I make come to me in dreams, or while I’m floating in sensory deprivation tanks, or when I’m wandering around in the woods, or when I’m standing on my porch in the rain. They feel important even though I don’t know why.

I turn them into surreal art (usually paired with riddle-like poems) and music albums

Almost every week I extend my explorations to others in my youtube livestream, where I live-compose 20–40 minutes of music inspired by a secret or a story or a riddle or a thought fragment that someone shares with me. 




seen and unseen

seen and unseen; abstract drawing by lurm

the one who sees the most is the most unseen

the one who sees the least is seen the most: at least, proportionately

so if you see more will you be seen less—or is that only how it seems?

something i can’t keep alive

He ripped himself out by the roots
and planted himself in my hands.

I held him as gently as I could
but no matter what I tried, he withered.

So instead of watch him die,
I put him back in the ground.

I’d rather have nothing
than something I can’t keep alive.

infinite stakes

infinite stakes lurm

Infinite stakes; infinite pawns
Infinite cradles; infinite lawns

Infinite messes and infinite spills
Infinite torture and infinite kills

Memory‘s meaning and meaning is mind.
The burn of the shadow that you leave behind

Even hidden in lies through which no one could see
Still made smoke and made fire that left scars on the tree.

the seeds of everything

casually blowing off the dust of dreams
clearing cobwebs left by vague visions
shaking away fragments of feeling
replacing it all with new nothingness

a nothingness worth more to them
than the seeds of everything