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Lurm is the brainchild of me, Adrien Converse. It’s the name I put on the creations I pull from my deepest, weirdest, hardest-to-make-sense-of intellectual wanderings. Ideas for what I make come to me in dreams, or while I’m floating in sensory deprivation tanks, or when I’m wandering around in the woods, or when I’m standing on my porch in the rain. They feel important even though I don’t know why.

I turn them into surreal art (usually paired with riddle-like poems) and music albums

Almost every week I extend my explorations to others in my youtube livestream, where I live-compose 20–40 minutes of music inspired by a secret or a story or a riddle or a thought fragment that someone shares with me. 





dark calls to darkness
deep calls to deep
i threaten the master
i silence the sheep

what are you watching?
how can you see?
nothing is out there
just listen to me

branches are shaking
the drill plunges down
when this is over,
i’ll wear the crown

observability is an invitation

remember this tomorrow.
it’s not exactly a note for you, or even a sign.
are you getting this?
it’s here, being here.

remember this tomorrow.
it doesn’t seem like a meaningful transmission.
is the signal reaching you?
it’s not for you, but it can be.

remember this tomorrow.
it might not even be a transmission at all.
are you out there?
it doesn’t really matter either way; it’ll still be here if no one ever notices.

but then again, maybe it won’t.

insides in

insides in painting by lurm

don’t they ever stop to ask
what lives inside the cracks?
hidden under banks of dust
mixed and dried to form a crust
made to keep the insides in
never breaking
always shaking
“let’s enjoy the land we’re taking—
no, it’s not a sin!”

the shadow of lightning cat

lightning cat lurm

Yeah, sure, whatever. You can associate me with some kind of magical sign.

But rules are rules: I get to define what the sign is.

I won’t be as basic as the black cat was about his sign. There are more entertaining ways to make you uncomfortable. (Hey, I’m a cat. What do you expect?)

Here’s your dumb little sign: whenever someone sees my shadow, that means they’re trying to fabricate an interesting experience for attention. 

Have fun posting about that on social media. Ha!


he wraps cold coils around your shoulders, believing they’ll hold you safely in place
while he unravels his organs to wrap and warm your shivering bones
though they’re not shivering with cold, as they seem
let alone any cold that could be warmed by the cruel unraveling of a soul at its own merciless hands
but until the bones can cease to tremble, on and on the string is pulled
woven of sinew, muscle, pain and fear
stretching on for miles and years
the story of a life in an endless strand of flesh

a story you must now protect.