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i want to try something with you. before i tell you what, quick story:

right after i turned 19, i moved from rural washington to a little school in england where i knew no one. i had no cell phone, and only weekly access to internet, which meant if i wanted to keep in touch with anyone from the states, i needed to send letters or pay per minute to use landlines.

(i didn’t end up doing much of either of those things.i was too fascinated by the idea of all the expectations on me getting set to zero. i even considered using a new name … but that’s another story.)

here’s what the school looked like. it was basically hogwarts.


just about everyone at this school had done some version of the same thing: leaving what they knew for an unknown experience with about 150 unknown people that they were going to be stuck with for a year.

at the beginning it was really awkward. you could feel everyone’s desperation to make friends in the air.

people behave in shallow ways when they’re desperate to make friends.

i think we all kind of depressed each other in those first few weeks.

to process some of my sadness about how awkward everything was, outside of lecture time i would go into the great hall where there was an old piano and a bunch of young adults from different continents quietly trying not to be homesick, and i would just play. for hours.

i didn’t expect it, but that ended up being how i made all my friends there.

eventually it became tradition with a new friend, tiina (who grew up in india), that i would play for 20–40 minutes, and then she would tell me the story she wrote in her head to the soundtrack.

that’s the story in a nutshell: music accidentally became a way for me to make deep and genuine connections with other uncomfortable young people from all over the world.


the great hall

so here’s what’s happening: i’m experimenting with doing a similar thing on purpose.

this wednesday (may 16) starting at 6:00 am pacific time, i’ll be playing whatever comes out of my head for about 30-45 minutes. i’ll be streaming it through facebook live.

so make yourself a cup of tea, sit in your favorite chair, and journal or meditate or zone out with me. just head over to my facebook page to find the broadcast when it happens. i hope to catch you then.

stay interesting,


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