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wolves and sheep

sheep don’t eat sheep; wolves eat sheep.
sheep don’t have a taste for meat.
but their clothes get swapped when you’re asleep,
and so your picture’s incomplete.
so how do you tell the wolves from the sheep?
the wolves are the ones that kill to eat.

it already knows

it already knows oil pastel drawing by lurm

here for comfort
here for food
here to stabilize a mood

here for power
here for fame
to immortalize a name

here to make the engine run
smooth until the day it’s done

here to save the souls of man
or here to represent a clan

here to prove that we’re the best
by stomping over all the rest—

here to find a place to go
to bury what we think we know

here to look around the bend
until the road comes to an end

here to fight and slay the beast?
here to breathe some air at least.

the taste of death

within there is a hunger that can’t be fed with flesh

within there is a thirst that can’t be quenched with blood

but flesh it eats
and blood it drinks

the more it tastes, the more it wants

it’s never known a sweeter taste than this:

the taste of death.

motion and time

motion and time (drawing by lurm)

motion isn’t possible;
it’s just an illusion.

time isn’t real;
it’s just the dismantling of everything.

to experience the ocean
take turns with every living thing
and drink it through the same straw
until every drop has been tasted.

that’s motion.
that’s time.

that’s what you are,
and that’s what you’re here to do.

red ink

“set your mind on things above” it says

and all my friends and i decided what those things are

they’re the things that crush you down until we’re high enough compared to you

that anything beyond us is too far away for you to even see

and now that we are in the highest place that’s visible

you’ll follow us and serve us til you fade away to nothing

then we’ll go and find some more of you to give us what we want.

what you want

what you want

do you understand what you want?
or only what you want to want?

is what you really want the same as what you want to want
or are you only seeing what you want yourself to see?

what does not wanting to know what you want
say about what you want?

if you want it, you must know what it is,
and part of what you want is not to know.

whatever you know or don’t know about what you want
at least you know one thing:

what you want is absolutely what you’re trying to get.


advice (drawing by lurm)

it’s better that i guide you
than it is that you find home.

it’s more important that i teach you
than it is that you gain knowledge.

it’s more necessary that i discern right from wrong
than it is that you get justice.

i want to be fed
and you are the food.

freely taken

freely given, freely taken
comfort, safety, home forsaken

now the water, now the night
now the blood and now the fight

fight until the break of dawn
for what’s to come and what is gone.

take a stand

take a stand (drawing by lurm)

just look at what i’ve suffered
in the name of getting you to see how good i am.

not only am i all about doing what’s right;
doing what’s right is all about me.

see, not just anyone can take a stand.



freedom calls out, but we didn’t hear
we gave our loyalties to fear

abundance flows, but we didn’t taste
it’s sinful, hedonistic waste

joy wells up, but we didn’t see
if you get some, there’s none for me

truth expands, but we didn’t know
for the rich man says it isn’t so

love ignites, but we didn’t feel
only worthless people need to heal.