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when i first started writing these updates at the beginning of january, i was afraid i’d run out of things to share with you pretty quick. turns out that was a dumb thing to be afraid of. there’s already a lot more to say.

for example, this weekend i finished the preliminary recording of a new track. it’s going in the album i plan to release this fall.

while i’m not ready to tell you anything substantial about the album itself, i am ready to share a quick video clip of me laying down some vocals.

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if you’ve been following me closely, you may have recognized the piano riff. i shared an undeveloped version of it in a clip of me improvising recently.

organic form drawings

years ago i was inspired by the work of uk neuroscientist-turned-artist dr. immy smith to try some different tactics with graphite and colored pencil. here’s one of my favorite drawings of theirs:

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i started a similar set of drawings in my own style. by now i’ve made over 70 drawings of organic forms. here are a few:

i put together a brand-new page featuring the whole collection. you can check it out here.

the mutagenesis rerelease

last time, i told you about how i officially released copenhagenism under my new artist name. today i get to tell you that the same is now true for mutagenesis. i’m pretty psyched about how the new album cover turned out. here’s a before and after:

m. grig, a fellow musician and friend who recently went through the artist rebrand process, gave me some intel that spotify can move over my old followers to my new profile. this means if you followed me before, you should be good. just to be sure, you can see if you’re following me here.

incidentally, you should give m. grig’s soothing instrumental guitar music a listen.

while i’m talking about other musicians, are you one, too? tell me a little about it in the comments, and maybe even drop me a link. i may be curious to check it out.

stay interesting,

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