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last wednesday i live streamed about 30 minutes of piano improvisation at 6am.

themes mostly stumbled into existence on the spot, though about 20 minutes in i riffed on the cornish folk melody gustav holst used in his famous choral piece, “i love my love.”

you can hear the full stream here on my youtube channel.

let’s try it again this wednesday

i’m doing it again, this time at the somewhat godlier hour of 7am. (if you’re on facebook you can join this event to get reminded.)

more than a few people mentioned to me last week that they’re not on zuckerbook but would like to catch a live stream sometime. that’s good, because i’m switching to youtube’s streaming platform.

head over to my youtube channel at 7am pacific on wednesday to catch me—you can even subscribe now to get notified when i go live.

while i’m talking about youtube

it would be irresponsible of me not to mention what i think is one of the greatest youtube channels in existence: kurzgesacht (which translates to “in a nutshell”). on it you will find gorgeously-animated videos about the fabric of reality that will almost certainly induce existential angst. like this one.

to those of you who get hooked, i both apologize, but also say, “you’re welcome.”

stay curious,


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