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as is probably true of most humans, my creativity is fueled by the things i pay attention to.

the process goes like this:

  • i hunt creative inspiration.
  • i find it—all over the place.
  • to explore and understand it, i chew on it and play with it. i also share it because it seems like too important a discovery to keep to myself.
  • the byproduct of this processing is music concepts.

that’s why you’ll find me writing an entire update exclusively about plants, like i did last week.

and why—brace yourself—you’re about to see a lot more hexagons. (you’d think drawing a few hundred of them would get them out of my system, but no. no it did not.)

but before the hexagons, here’s some updates about the music. you know, the stuff i’m doing all this for.

new track underway

i’m planning on releasing a new album this fall. it’s coming along to be my best work yet. by paying attention to these updates you’ll get some more insider intel on it in the future.

for now, here’s a peek of another recent recording session.

another cool review

mutagenesis showed up in the february edition of what’s up magazine—a local arts and music paper. it’s a really great review, and it was fun to see mention of my music show up in print. the article isn’t online yet but i snapped a few photos of the paper that you can check out here.

the inevitable hexagons

i am now dissolving old art into hexagons, and reassembling it as new art. it’s profoundly cathartic. i’m too enamored by the process right now to talk about it in a way that doesn’t sound gushy. so here’s a quick time-lapse video of me doing the thing.

speaking of people making bigger things out of a bunch of small things …

pompom mirror and other magic

daniel rozin creates art that changes form to mirror the person observing it. he does this with all kinds of unexpected materials (and yes, at least one of his mirrors is shaped like a hexagon). his work is mesmerizing.

what are some of your go-to sources for creative inspiration? tell me about it in the comments.

stay interesting,

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